Types of Women Who Enjoy Pregnancy

With every one of my children, I loved the concept of being pregnant. I thought it was amazing. I mean, you’re growing a HUMAN. No matter what was going on at work or at home, nothing seemed as important because I was creating a life…that trumped everything else. However, when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I was a panicked first time pregnant person. Every little cramp, kick, spotting, etc. caused me to spaz out. I was super cautious about everything and worried constantly. She was breech, so her giant head jabbed into my ribs all day long. My second child’s pregnancy was equally unappealing. Having suffered a miscarriage after my first child, this pregnancy was riddled with fear as well. I worried that any wrong move would cause me to miscarry again. I also carried her extremely low the entire pregnancy, and I thought she could literally fall out of me at any moment. For my third child, I had injured my knee immediately upon finding out I was expecting and couldn’t do an MRI in the first trimester, so for three months, I was pregnant, on crutches with a puke bag tied on because I couldn’t make it to the bathroom fast enough when I was going to be sick. Oh and I had two toddlers running around. I share all this to illustrate how I’m not one of those “glowing” pregnant people. I appreciated being able to be pregnant and carry babies, but I wasn’t someone who enjoyed being pregnant.

Thankfully, for intended parents everywhere, there are, amazingly, women who LOVE being pregnant. No, really…they actually enjoy it and choose to be pregnant with someone else’s child. These amazing women make the best candidates to become gestational carriers (provided they meet the medical and psychological requirements). Who are these unicorn women, and do they actually exist? Yes! Had I not met some of them, I might not believe it, but it’s true. They love being pregnant. Let’s take a look at some of those ideal pregnant people.

The Glowing Pregnant Woman

Her skin somehow has a healthy, amazing glow to it, instead of breaking out in acne from the hormones. Her hair is full, flowing and shiny. She seems to look fantastic in every maternity outfit made. Sleep troubles? Heartburn? Back problems? Nope! She lovingly has her hand on her tummy, rubbing it every chance she can get and has an extra bounce in her step. These are generally the women we are jealous of and the way we picture pregnancy to be. Even when they know their family is complete, they miss being pregnant and long for it again. These women make the perfect gestational carrier candidates. They can still become pregnant again and be their glowing self while helping another family have the baby of their dreams.

The Upbeat Pregnant Woman

While the Glowing Pregnant Woman is normally upbeat as well because, well, they’re at their best when they’re expecting, the Upbeat Pregnant Woman differs in that, she very well may have a ton of pregnancy symptoms, but she’s just super upbeat about the whole darn thing. “Well, no, I didn’t get any sleep last night, but I’m just so happy to be pregnant. I just love being pregnant.” Her upbeat attitude makes you feel pretty crappy about your complaining about kid #1’s head being up in your ribs. She’s cool with people incessantly asking when her due date is and strangers reaching to rub her belly. She wants to share her pregnancy with the world because it’s just amazing. Being a surrogate means you sometimes need to answer a lot of questions from uninformed people. It’s important to be okay sharing and answering the questions…without wanting to punch someone in the throat. The Upbeat Pregnant Woman can do just that.

The “Natural” Pregnant Woman

This woman was made to carry babies. Immediately upon finding out she’s pregnant, she begins her prenatal yoga classes and looks completely graceful doing it. She drinks her organic ginger tea from her fair trade mug. Every new phase of pregnancy allows her to practice body awareness and delve deeper into her feelings. Within the first trimester, she’s already laid out her all natural birth plan, requesting as little medical intervention as possible. She’s chosen the perfect birth center and has started taking her medication-free birthing classes. While surrogates are often asked to be open about possible medical intervention or giving birth in a hospital, there is plenty of room for heath-conscious, “natural” surrogates. There are definitely intended parents who are looking for the very same thing, so it’s important to be completely upfront and honest about your pregnancy/birthing preferences. 

The Grateful Pregnant Woman

This pregnant woman is just happy to be here and be able to be pregnant. Maybe she’s suffered losses or maybe she had a tough time getting pregnant herself. Or maybe she just realizes what a miracle pregnancy is…not that we all don’t appreciate or realize how amazing it is to create a life. It’s just some women are better at being in a grateful mindset. This awareness of pregnancy is a good quality for a surrogate. Many times, intended parents have been through a long, hard road of infertility. Having a surrogate who understands that and sees the joy in every pregnancy is a huge help to intended parents. 


Everyone handles pregnancy differently. While it helps to be one of the above types of women who LOVE being pregnant, the most important requirement to being a surrogate is a desire and passion for helping another family get the baby of their dreams. You may hate 3 months (or more!) of morning sickness, but you still have a commitment to helping others and feeling compassion for those who so desperately want to be parents. If you want to be someone who changes lives and makes dreams come true and you’ve had healthy pregnancies and deliveries with no complications, you might be a great candidate for surrogacy. Even if you’re just thinking about it, fill out an intake form. We’d love to chat with you. Surrogacy may not be for you but maybe you know a friend or family member who is described above? Send the intake form to them. 

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