Egg Donation Process For Gay Couples

Families these days come in all shapes and sizes. Thankfully, every shape and size is becoming more and more accepted in this day and age! There are several ways gay couples can grow their families. One route many couples take is adoption, which is wonderful! Another way is surrogacy which is also an amazing way to go! Intended Parents have their reasons for which way is best for their family, and every one of those reasons is right for them. One reason some intended parents decide to go with surrogacy is because one (or both of them) would like to be genetically related to their child(ren). How would this work? Here’s how!

When it’s two men who desire a child, two things are for certain — they will need someone to carry the baby (a surrogate or also called a gestational carrier) and a donor of some type (for the egg). At New Mexico Surrogacy, our commitment extends through all aspects of your journey, including egg donation. If you’ve made arrangements with an egg donation agency or have a friend or relative who has agreed to donate, we’re happy to work with them. For intended parent(s) in need of a donor, we partner with An Angel’s Gift, a trusted Colorado-based egg donation agency. The organization is led by a woman who has been both an egg donor and a surrogate. She and her staff are incredibly informed, hard-working and ethical. Regardless of who you choose to work with for egg donation, we’re here to provide support and guidance.

The egg donation process includes choosing an egg donor, screening of your donor (medical and psychological), legal contracts, donor follicle stimulation/medications and retrieval. The entire process from finding a donor to egg retrieval generally takes about three months, although, as with anything, can take longer depending on circumstances. You can be as involved as much or as little as you would like.

You work with the fertility clinic of your choice for the egg retrieval, embryo creation, and embryo transfer. As a gay couple, you have the option (if both partner’s sperm are viable) to fertilize some of the eggs with one partner’s sperm and some of the sperm with the other’s partner’s sperm. Then you will have a chance of having one child biologically related to one of the fathers and then down the road having a sibling biologically related to the other father. Some gay couples also choose to implant 2 embryos into the surrogate — 1 fertilized with each of the partner’s sperm. This could result in twins with each one being biologically related to each one of the fathers. Some fertility clinics have strong feelings about implanting more than one embryo, so please check on their policies. 

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