National Infertility Awareness Week®, from April 22 to April 28, unites millions of Americans who want to remove the stigmas and barriers that stand in the way of building families. In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week®, we pledge to #flipthescript and join the movement that will help break down the barriers people with infertility face every day.

New Mexico Surrogacy serves the infertility community by offering an option for intended parents to have a baby, regardless of their condition. We screen and select qualified surrogates from New Mexico and match them with intended parents all over the world.


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How can I help raise awareness about infertility?

New Mexico Surrogacy is sponsoring the Walk of Hope in Colorado, an event put on by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. We're Team Fetal Attraction and we're going to rock our socks and walk 2 miles alongside other members of the infertility community to show our love and support for everyone struggling with infertility, no matter where they are in their journey.

2 miles + 2 gether = 4 RESOLVE

Please donate and show your support for the infertility community.