New Mexico: Preparing for Birth

Surrogacy pregnancy is still a pregnancy, and requires preparation for the delivery the same as any other birth. When I prepared for my surrogacy birth, I only packed a hospital bag for me, myself and I. At first it felt very odd to not also be packing for baby, but it was also a very nice feeling. I was ready for the babies to get out. I got child care lined up for my kids and got my personal bag packed for the hospital; like all the basic stuff that we all know to do. It’s less usual to think and talk about the emotional side of preparing for a surrogacy birth compared to a keeper birth. 

I was, of course, emotionally and physically involved with every step. I prepared my body with countless needles and medication for the embryos. I took the at home and blood pregnancy tests to confirm that the babies really did stick. I felt the same joy when the ultra sound tech confirm the two littlest heart beats inside my belly. Then, every appointment we had an ultrasound to check on the two little human growing inside of me. So, what would I feel when they were born? As a surrogate you know going in the babies are not yours, not and through the whole process you see so much joy in you intended parent’s eyes that you don’t regret anything. I pinky promise I never EVER once had any thought of keeping the babies or fleeing the country, but this was my first time as a surrogate and the only children I had birthed before I got to take home and love on. Don’t think I didn’t get to love on my surro babies as well, because I still, one year later, get to love on them when I get to see them. So how was I going to feel when I delivered these babies and they were not going home with me? They spent nine months growing inside me and they were not going to be with me anymore. I was really truly worried about my emotions after the babies were born and my children’s emotions as well,

The golden day had come; at 3am in the morning I woke my husband up and called my child care and we went to the hospital where my intended parents met us to welcome two healthy babies into the world. I CRIED! I mean true Kim K cried! Ugly happy cry though. I cried because I saw the tears of joy in my intended parents’ eyes and from that moment forward, I never felt like I was giving these babies up at all because they were theirs from the start and will always be theirs. I always tell people that they feel like a very close friends’ babies and every time we get together, I never doubt the love and joy they have for those babies 

Preparing for birth has so many parts and steps to it and the emotional side is often forgotten about. Everyone with New Mexico Surrogacy was with me from the start and it’s still not over, as it never will be, because the journey will always be part of my life. The New Mexico Surrogacy staff still checks up on me from time to time and send me gifts to make me feel that I am special. They offered so much support during and after pregnancy. Interested in information about becoming a surrogate, too?  Fill out our short intake form here and we would love to give you a call!