Gay Couple? How to Find a Surrogate

At New Mexico Surrogacy we are dedicated to one goal—completing your family, regardless of how that journey looks for you. If you want to become a parent we are here for you. If you’re in the LGBTQ community, you may have thought adoption was your only option, but thanks to assisted reproductive technology, you too can have children that are biologically connected to you. If surrogacy isn’t something you’ve thought of before or if you don’t know a lot about surrogacy, we want to give you a few things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect surrogate to carry your baby. 

  1. Use an agency that has familiarity and experience with state laws regarding surrogacy, especially as it pertains to same sex couples. Surrogacy law in general vary greatly state by state but add in the law as it pertains to same-sex couples and there’s even more variance. New Mexico is both surrogacy-friendly and allows parents of a same-sex couple to be on the baby’s birth certificate. This definitely makes things easier. Our agency has helped many same-sex couples grow their family so we can help you with the ins and outs. 

  2. Find a surrogate who is comfortable carrying for a same-sex couple. While there are some surrogates who specifically want to carry for a same-sex couple, there are also women who are more comfortable carrying for a straight couple. In general, the surrogates we’ve worked with just want to carry a child for someone who will be wonderful, loving parents, but there are some gestational carriers who feel strongly about helping gay intended parents only in creating a family, knowing that their options may be more limited than a straight couple. New Mexico Surrogacy screens local gestational carriers and works tirelessly to find just the right match for all of our intended parents. 

  3. Partner with a surrogacy agency that works with a network of gay-friendly fertility clinics and egg donor resources. At New Mexico Surrogacy, we have established relationships with top rated local fertility specialists. If you aren’t familiar with the resources available, you can reach out to the LGBTQ Chamber in your state for referrals to attorneys, surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics. You can be assured that these providers will be gay friendly or allies to the LGBTQ community. New Mexico Surrogacy supports and works alongside the gay community in our state.

  4. Consult an attorney or surrogacy agency. If you’ve matched with a surrogate independently, even if this is a friend or family member, we encourage you to consult an attorney or a surrogacy agency to make sure that certain things are in place, such as a legal contract and insurance. New Mexico Surrogacy can provide a variety of concierge services to help you navigate this sometimes complicated process.

We support and encourage you as you build your family. 

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