Puppies and Babies...Because Why Not?

There are few things that are better than the smell of a new baby, but we think that the smell of a puppy is a real close second! Who doesn’t love those warm snuggles and the wet kisses? We all see those adorable Instagram posts of babies and puppies, but you should definitely give care and consideration when adding a new four-legged family member, they are still a puppy after all.

When thinking of bringing that adorable fur baby home, here are a few things to think about:

  • Keep in mind both are still babies and will be taking up a lot of your time. Not only do you have diapers to change but you will also have to potty train your puppy!

  • Puppies chew up anything in sight, so baby toys, pacifiers, and the like, won’t be safe on the floor. A back up of baby’s favorites may not be a bad idea.

  • Experts suggest playing a recording of a baby crying several times before bringing baby home to get your puppy, or even adult dog, used to this new noise.

  • Another thing you’ll want to consider is that puppies are babies too. They’re not sure what to think of this tiny little person and could misbehave a bit. Close supervision is a must! 

For those who already have an animal that is an established member of the family, it is also important to do some research to make bringing home baby a little bit easier on your current pets. Here are a few of our thoughts:

  • One great idea is to bring home something from the hospital with the baby’s scent on it, such as a swaddle blanket, for your dog or cat to smell before the baby comes home. This will help them be a little more familiar with the baby’s scent when they arrive home. They’ll want to sniff like crazy on the new arrival once home, but do so at a safe distance, decreasing it as you feel comfortable.

  • Practice taking the dog on your regular walks with the stroller or baby carrier along. This will help the dog, as well as you, get more comfortable with the new accessories and routine.

  • Establish boundaries involving the baby’s space, such as nursery, playpen, floor mat, etc. well ahead of baby’s arrival.

  • It is also key to never leave your baby unattended with any animals in the home. No matter the temperament or breed, the smallest poke to the eye or tug of the tall could startle any animal.

Your sweet fur baby can sense changes in the energy of the home, so be proactive. Don’t wait until you are bringing baby home to impose new rules and make changes in routines. Your new baby’s safety is the number one priority, so do whatever you can to prepare everyone in the household for their arrival. Whether it is a new puppy or a long-time furry member of the family, be ready to watch a wonderful and long lasting friendship bloom. Don’t forget to get your camera ready so you can have those amazing Instagram moments as well.

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