Meaningful Moments in a Surrogacy Journey

Dear Scholastic Surrogate:

I am at the very beginning of my surrogacy journey and would love some points along the way to look forward to. What are some of the most meaningful moments or big moments in the surrogacy process? 

-Looking Forward


Hey, Looking Forward,

I asked Amanda, our amazing Business Manager and a previous gestational carrier, what the major meaningful moments were during her surrogacy process and here’s what she had to say.

  • Being approved by the clinic - It’s a huge accomplishment because there are so many steps and unknowns since most of this testing is not done if you've never had fertility issues.
  • Starting and stopping medications - In the moment this is hard and seems like it lasts forever; however, in the grand scheme of things it is really a short amount of time in the whole process.
  • Transfer Day - Even though they are transferring an embryo and there is hope of a baby, there is still a lot of anticipation that this may not work.
  • Babies Birth - Best Day Ever - the goal that you all had been working for was a success.

And we asked Amber, our superb Intake Coordinator for Montana Surrogacy, who has been a gestational surrogate and in the process of being one for her second time!

  • The first match meeting - It's like a blind date and you only know each other's first names so you can't go home and google them to learn more about them. You'll get all of that info once you are matched, but it's hard to make a decision based on their profile and meeting them once.  You really have to go with your gut and not let the excitement of a match take over. 
  • The first time someone congratulates you on the pregnancy and you have to (or not) explain that it's not yours. This is good for education purposes, but it can be really awkward.
  • Announcing the pregnancy - Talking with the IPs about how they want to do that is very exciting!
  • The blood tests in the couple of weeks after the embryo transfer - Waiting those 2 weeks is excruciating. Every thought possible runs through your mind. What if it doesn't take - the IPs are going to be heartbroken. Is it something I did wrong? My body failed. It's going to cost them so much more money now. Or on a positive, the excitement and hope of a baby - envisioning your pregnant belly and IPs meeting their baby.
  • The 20 week ultrasound - Usually IPs attend this if they aren't too far away. It's like "seeing" their baby for the first time.

So many exciting milestones to look forward to during a surrogacy journey!  We hope your journey holds all of this excitement and so much more!

Scholastic Surrogate

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