Podcasts About Surrogacy

With surrogacy becoming a growing topic, having educational information at your fingertips is beyond helpful. You can find tons of articles that have been written by surrogates and intended parents and several books to help you out along the way. Another new option that is growing in numbers itself is Podcasts. Can you imagine being able to educate yourself while doing your daily workout or while out running your errands?

Here are a few that might be just what you need to listen to:

“I Want To Put A Baby In You!”

If you’re uncomfortable with TMI and talking about the birds and the bees…This is NOT the podcast for you. Sister duo, Jennifer White and Ellen Trachman explore topics from sperm and eggs to babies and everything in between. You’ll learn about artificial insemination, gestational surrogacy, egg retrieval, egg donation, and much more. I Want To Put A Baby In You will have you laughing and crying with informative and touching stories on surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology. (Full disclosure, Jennifer and Ellen own New Mexico Surrogacy!!)

“Building Families: A Surrogacy Podcast”

“Building Families” is a podcast sharing the stories of families created through surrogacy. Produced by IARC, episodes will feature interviews with parents and carries about their surrogacy journey: their initial impressions of surrogacy, meeting the other individuals who would be part of the process, surprises during their journey together and the bond they build with each other during the process.

“Surrogacy Podcast With Sarah Jefford”

The Australian Surrogacy Podcast was launched in 2018. Sarah interviews intended parents and surrogates from around Australia, to share their stories about surrogacy. Topics covered include infertility, grief and loss, cancer treatment and survival, egg donation, gestational and traditional surrogacy, challenges during surrogacy, support and community, building relationships, international, interstate and local surrogacy, gay dads and heterosexual couples, solo parenting and partners of surrogates. 

“Making Babies: 21st Century Families”

NPR explore how advances in reproductive technology are changing when and how we create families.

“The Fertility Doctors Podcast”

Having trouble getting pregnant? Dreaming of starting or expanding you family? Join the fertility communications expert, Michael Burney, as he interviews leading fertility physicians from around the country and asks the questions you would ask. Learn what to expect, therapeutic options and the latest in scientific developments to help you get pregnant and have a baby.

“The Birth Hour: A Birth Story Podcast”

The Birth Hour Podcast has many birthing stories for you to listen to and experience while they discuss adoption, birth centers, breech, cesarean, homebirth, hospital, hypnobirthing, infertility, international, loss, postpartum depression, preemie, surrogate, twins, vbac, waterbirth. 

“Golden Gossip”

Follow Frank Golden as he discusses fertility, surrogacy and making babies.


With so many amazing podcast out there for you to choose one we are sure you’ll find the perfect one to help you along the way. So sit back, relax and plug in your earbuds.

For more information on growing your family via surrogacy, schedule a free consult, and we will gladly talk you through these and many more resources to help your future children understand how special they are!