Children's Books About Surrogacy

Any parent knows all too well confronting the conversation of conception can be challenging. For parents that have dealt with infertility, explaining to their child that either they themselves, or maybe a family member, is being born via a surrogate can be a little bit tougher. Reading age- appropriate books is a great way to introduce and explain surrogacy to children. 

Children are remarkably able to understand topics that many adults have trouble with once you take the time to explain things to them. They definitely don’t need to know all the details -- the basics are best -- and a child’s perspective can be enlightening. Be prepared for a flurry of questions, some immediately and others later when they have had some time to process. Your answers can be simple, such as: all you need is love and a helping hand. Take your time and enjoy this moment of knowledge you are giving a child, as knowledge truly is power.

 There are many children’s books to help you along the way:

  • “The Very Kind Koala: A Surrogacy Story for Children” by Kimberly Kluger-Bell LMFT
    • A koala couple needs the help of a kind koala in order to have a baby of their own.
  • “Hope and Will Have a Baby: The Gift of Surrogacy” by Irènè Celcer
    • Follow an inquisitive little boy who learns of his parents’ quest to have children, and the success they ultimately achieve in creating a family.
  • “Sophia’s Broken Crayons: A Story of Surrogacy from a Young Child’s Perspective” by Crystal Falk
    • Sophia learns about the gift of surrogacy when her friends help her out with broken crayons.
  • “Grown in Another Garden” by Crystal Falk
    • Learn about the unique way Mikey was born into his family – Through a kind surrogate.
  •  “The Baby Kangaroo Treasure Hunt: A Gay Parenting Story” by Carmen Martinez Jover
    • Jack and Sam have their own baby through egg donation and surrogacy.
  • “The Kangaroo Pouch” by Sarah Phillips Pellet
    • A little joey’s mom is helping another family have a baby and he guides us on the journey.
  • “Why I’m So Special: A Book About Surrogacy” by Carla Lewis-Long
    • A sweet picture book about why the baby born from surrogacy is so special. Lewis-Long also wrote a version of this book for surrogacy with two daddies.
  • “More Than Four” by Katie Carone
    • A family with two children suffering infertility goes on the surrogacy journey together.

If you are using a surrogate, keeping a journal or making a book of your own that tells your story through the process, whether in real form or an animated version, will one day be a special gift that you can share with your child about them, your family and the surrogacy process.

Your family has a unique story, and while it might be different from others, a child should always know theirs is special and should never be ashamed. The more open you are and honest you are with your child, the more they will be able to show the beautiful thing that is surrogacy.

For more information on growing your own family via surrogacy, schedule a free consult and we will gladly talk you through these and many more resources to help your future children understand how special they are!