Is there a perfect surrogate out there for you?

Surrogacy is a big decision for any couple, straight or gay. Through surrogacy many are able to build the family they have long for.  New Mexico Surrogacy here to help guide you through this journey in finding your perfect surrogate match. Many same sex couples describe the process of surrogacy as truly remarkable and magical.

Many women consider becoming a surrogate simply because they get to help a couple just like you fulfill your dreams of having a child to hug and kiss good night. This group of women is giving and compassionate and believe everyone has the right to be a parent!

The process can be very stressful for all that are involved. Not only does your surrogate need a strong support system but you, as an intended parent in the gay community, need one as well. Be sure you surround yourself with family and friends that understand what you will be going through. This is about teamwork and will require a great deal of open communication. Be sure all that are involved are getting the support they need.  Your surrogacy agency is there to provide that support to you both as well.

Surrogacy opens up the opportunity for you, or your partner, to be genetically related to your child.  Your reproductive endocrinologist will be a great resource for your best options for donors, if needed to achieve your dreams.

With this gift you have been given, your house will be filled with the love and the laughter of your child.

New Mexico Surrogacy is dedicated to providing our LGBTQ clients with the best possible service. Let up help you find your perfect match.

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