Meet New Mexico Surrogacy's Intake Coordinator: Brei Gagne

Growing up I never really knew what I was going to do after high school (but how many truly do??). I went to college in Savannah, Georgia for Architecture and soon realized that that was not for me. From there I decided to move to New Mexico and try a new school in a new state.

While I tried my hand at art history, I was working in Old Town at one of those little tourist shops, and that’s where I really fell in love with my new home. How could you not love the smell of roasting green chile in the fall? How the sunset on the Sandia really does make it look like a slice of watermelon? Or just how loving, warm and open the people of this state can be.

I have been in New Mexico for 15 wonderful years now. I love raising my 2 wonderful and very energetic children in the mountains. I never thought this city girl would say something like that!! I mean come on, I can walk outside my door and get fresh eggs from one of my 5 chickens. What isn’t to love?

While being a stay at home mom I got to catch up on a lot TV and books, and well, let’s face it, babies sleep a lot so it was mostly TV. But I’ll never forget the first time I actually heard about surrogacy I was watching my all time favorite show (still is to this day “how I wish it would come back) Giuliana and Bill. Watching them be so open about why they went with surrogacy was something I’ll never forget. It made a huge impact on me.

Since then, I’ve heard more and more about people using surrogacy. Whether it was another celebrity letting us in their life, or a blog that just happened to pop up on my Facebook page. Little did I know that in a few years I would be given the opportunity to work for New Mexico Surrogacy. I look forward to helping many wonderful families grow over the coming years!!

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