Famous Dads Who Grew Their Family Through Surrogacy

Many times when people think of surrogacy, they think of infertile heterosexual couples. That is absolutely one of the groups that can benefit from growing their family via surrogacy, but not the only one! Another group that surrogacy can help is same-sex couples and single moms or dads (gay or straight). Celebrity or not, gestational surrogacy can help families grow. Sometimes we like to highlight some of our celebrity folks who have used surrogacy because it helps bring surrogacy to the spotlight a bit, and for that we are grateful. Here are some of our favorite famous gay dads who grew their family through surrogacy that you may or may not have known about!

  1. Sir Elton John. You know - that English singer, pianist, and composer. “Your Song,” “Tiny Dance,” “Rocket Man”? Ring a bell? He’s a legend! He and his husband, David Furnish, used a surrogate to give birth to their son, Zachary, in December 2010. They used the same surrogate mother for their second child, Elijah, who was born in January 2013. He was 63 when first becoming a father and is rumored to have been turned down for adoption because of his age. 
  2. Neil Patrick Harris. Doogie Howser, MD is the first thing I think of, but I suppose that shows my age. Better known now for How I Met Your Mother and a slew of other movies and TV shows and for just being a really likable person, Neil and his husband, David Burtka, became dads to twins Harper and Gideon in 2010, via a surrogate mother.
  3. Ricky Martin. Former member of the famous all boy band group, Menudo, and a Latin pop sensation ("Livin' la Vida Loca" anyone?). He welcomed his twin sons, Valetino and Matteo, via surrogate in August 2008.
  4. Perez Hilton. As a celebrity gossip blogger, Perez is loved by many but also hated by many as well! He definitely has no filter and tells it like it is when it comes to celebrity biz. Perez welcomed daughter Mayte Amor in 2017 via surrogate, in addition to another daughter, Mia Alma, and a son, Maria Armando III, also both via surrogate.

Who’s your fave celebrity gay dad who grew their family via surrogacy? Shoot us an email and let us know. And if you’re ready to take that next step to grow your family through a gestational surrogate, check us out. We have free consultations for intended parents - you can schedule yours here!