Top 5 Questions from Intended Parents

Being an intended parent, you are going to have so many question that you will want to ask your gestational carrier. Here are a few to help you start the process.

“Why do you want to become a surrogate?”

Most commonly the answer you will get is that the gestational carrier wants to be able to give the joy of life to a family that has been dreaming and trying. These women love helping others. For many of them being pregnant is an enjoyable experience.

“What is your prenatal care plan?”

This is a good question to ask. If you want to know what type of vitamins she plans on taking and if she plans on doing any type of exercise. Nutrition is also key you want to make sure that your baby is getting everything he or she needs to be healthy while growing.

“What kind of communication do you want during this process?”

Some surrogates will want you at every doctor’s appointment and some might only want mild communication. There are many ways you can go about this is. You can set up weekly skype dates or send a weekly email that has photo updates. Keeping a journal of the whole process itself is also a good way to keep the communications open. This is a long and road together.

 “What type of relationship do you want after the birth if any?”

This can go many ways. For instance, if your surrogate and you become close friends chances (which frequently happens!) are you will have a long and caring relationship. Other surrogates are more introverted and may love you, but prefer their space. There are going to be some women that would love to have any updates that you are comfortable giving and others that are just happy to be able to give you this gift of life. Ultimately the decision is yours.

“How do your family and friends feel about you becoming a surrogate?”

Becoming a surrogate can be physically and emotional demanding on a person. Be sure she has a good support system around her. She is going to need people around her that appreciate her and know that what she is doing is such and amazing and selfless act.

Ready to grow your family through gestational surrogacy?