Overview of the Process to Become a Surrogate

Wait…so how does this work? Now that you know what surrogacy actually is, you may be wondering the steps you take to actually DO it. Look no further. If you’re thinking about becoming a gestational surrogate or even if you’re just interested in the topic and knowing what a gestational surrogate goes through from the process of getting cleared leading up to the glorious match and through that amazing birth of the baby, here it is!

  • Complete and submit our Surrogate Intake Form. This is easy, peasy…it’s just filling us in about you!
  • We call within 48 business hours to let you know your status. Qualifying individuals receive a longer, more thorough application via email.
  • We will prepare medical records releases for you to sign so that we may obtain your pregnancy and delivery medical records. This part can take a bit of time…so just sit tight and let our amazing medical records wrangler do her thing!
  • Once we have your medical records, they will be reviewed by our physician for a preliminary medical clearance. If we get the thumbs-up, you’ll complete more paperwork (background checks, benefits package, OB release form) - Who doesn’t love paperwork?!
  • We schedule you for a phone or in-person (preferable) interview with our staff. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available. We make ourselves available when you are!
  • We schedule your psychological evaluations. This is not as scary as it sounds! Standard stuff to make sure everything is good to go. Once we have the thumbs-up results, you’re officially cleared to be a gestational carrier with New Mexico Surrogacy (Yay!).
  • We prepare your Surrogate Profile for presentation to potential intended parents. This is what Intended Parents will get to review to determine if you’re the right match for them! (You’ll also get to review info on them to make sure they’re a great match for you!)
  • Ask questions at any time! No…really ANY time….we mean it!
  • You’re matched with the intended parents—this can take up to a few months—and we arrange your meet-up. One of us from New Mexico Surrogacy will always be at your initial meet-up!
  • You head to the Intended Parents IVF clinic for a full medical workup. This is where all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted.   
  • An independent attorney, paid for by your intended parents, represents you in explaining and negotiating a legal contract between you, your spouse (if applicable) and the intended parents. This legal contract protects you as the surrogate and ensures that the child will be the legal child of the intended parents. The agreement includes your compensation plan and the wishes you and your intended parents have agreed to regarding the pregnancy and birth.
  • Once legal is in place, a licensed reproductive endocrinologist (fertility doctor) at an IVF clinic prescribes the medications necessary for embryo transfer. The embryo transfer follows and the next stage—pregnancy—begins (HOORAY!).
  • The New Mexico Surrogacy team and your medical team support you, answer your questions and are here for you throughout your pregnancy. For anything…just ask us!
  • Your intended parents take the legal steps, with your cooperation, to acquire a Pre-Birth Parentage Order (PBO). This document stipulates that their names be placed on the New Mexico birth certificate. We want to make sure you’re only responsible for carrying and having the baby and nothing more!
  • The baby is born! Everyone celebrates the family you’ve helped to create! We’re standing by to help with any logistics and post-delivery concerns.

Although surrogacy a complex process with a lot of moving pieces, we are part of YOUR team and are here to help you every step of the way!

If you’re ready to take that first step, fill out the Surrogate Intake Form! If you have further questions regarding the process, we’d love to hear them! Email us!