Can’t Be A Surrogate? Consider Egg Donation!

A friend of a friend of yours decided to become a surrogate. It got you interested and you started doing your research. You searched for the perfect agency…one that fit your needs and would be with you every step of the way. You, of course, landed on New Mexico Surrogacy’s website and have gone through all the information on it about surrogates. You know the benefits, the compensation, the risks, the requirements, and you are ready. With the support of your family and friends, you’re going to give someone well-deserving the gift of growing their family!

After filling out the gestational carrier intake form, you are contacted by one of New Mexico Surrogacy’s intake coordinators only to be told that your pre-term labor with your 2nd child may be an issue. No! No! No! After getting your hopes up super high, you are turned down as a gestational carrier which feels like a pretty big bummer. Is this the end of the road for your journey in trying to help deserving parent(s) have a baby? 


If there are two intended fathers, they are quite obviously missing this very key ingredient in making a baby…eggs!

Possibly not!

While being a gestational carrier is an amazing thing that takes an equally amazing person to do it, it’s not the only avenue you can take to help someone grow their family! As we all know, there are many parts and pieces that go into making a baby. Many times an intended mother is able to carry a baby but can’t use her own eggs. THIS could be where you come in. Perhaps that pre-term labor issue is causing you to not qualify as a gestational carrier but your eggs are as perfect as can be…donate them! Donating eggs is a wonderful way to help someone grow their families. If there are two intended fathers, they are quite obviously missing this very key ingredient in making a baby…eggs! 

Or maybe you want to be a gestational carrier but haven’t had any children yet or don’t want any children of your own. Most agencies (including ours) will not allow you to become a gestational carrier unless you’ve had your own children and your own family is complete. Please don’t let this stop you from helping to grow someone else’s family. Look into becoming an egg donor! It, too, is a wonderful gift you can give someone to help them conceive their bright future.

For information on egg donation, we recommend checking out An Angel’s Gift. If you do think you’re qualified to become a gestational carrier and want to know more about the process and compensation, check this out.

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