Why A Lesbian Couple Would Choose Surrogacy

When people think of who would use surrogacy, they often think first of heterosexual couples who have fertility issues and cannot carry their own child. Many then consider two men, who obviously don’t have the anatomy to carry a child or even a single man who may want to go it alone. One may scratch their head as to why a lesbian couple would choose surrogacy. After all, they have 2 uteruses between them…double the chance of being able to carry a child, right? Just get a sperm donor. Not always the case. As with everything, each individual and situation is different and unique and assumptions should never be made.

Empathy begins with understanding life from another person's perspective. Nobody has an objective experience of reality. It's all through our own individual prisms.” - Sterling K. Brown

While the chances of a lesbian couple needing a surrogate may be significant less than another couple, the challenges they face are the same as women in heterosexual couples who choose surrogacy. 

5 reasons a lesbian couple would choose surrogacy:

    1. Age Some women, regardless of sexual orientation, decide to postpone having children due to careers, personal or financial reasons. When they are ready to have children, they may not be able to carry the child(ren) themselves.

    2. Infertility Approximately half of all diagnosed cases of infertility are attributable to the woman, leaving some women unable to get pregnant or carry a baby.

    3. Medication Some medications that a person may need to take daily for their well-being are not conducive to pregnancy, thus recommended to not get pregnant or continue the drug while pregnant, thus creating other complications.

    4. Born without a uterus or have had to have a hysterectomy This is pretty self-explanatory. No uterus, no ability to carry a baby. 

    5. Other life threatening or medical situations affecting pregnancy, and a doctor has advised them to use a surrogate.

At New Mexico Surrogacy, we understand that every situation and individual is unique and that surrogacy is never anyone’s first choice to grow their family. The journey to the decision of surrogacy is almost always tough and riddled with emotions and extremely difficult decision. We want to be with you on your journey, so contact us today for a free consultation!

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