A Twin Surrogacy Story

Being a surrogate takes courage, a kind heart and a willingness to give a big part of you, and some people have a hard time even understanding the motivation behind it. For gestational surrogates, while it takes decision making on their part in terms of discussing it with their partner (if they have one) and their families, they generally know the entire time it’s something they want to do. And at New Mexico Surrogacy, we are so thankful there are such selfless people in this world. One of these people that we have had the privilege of getting to know is Calle Megel (who is now an Intake Coordinator for our sister agency, Colorado Surrogacy), a surrogate to twins born on March 14, 2018. We sat down with Callie and asked her a few questions about her surrogacy journey, her motivation behind it and some of her favorite memories during the process. After reading Callie’s journey, if it inspires you to help grow someone else’s family via gestational surrogacy, please contact us. We’d love for you to help make someone else’e dreams come true. You can also apply here, and then we’ll reach out for more information! 

Why were you originally inspired to look into surrogacy?

"I wanted to give a gift so big to someone so deserving.”

What was your favorite or most memorable moment during the whole process?

“When the IPs cried when their children were born. This was the best and greatest feeling that my only reaction was to cry to with complete happiness.”

What was the most unexpected thing during the process?

“To create a huge caring bond with my family as well as the IP family as well. My family was more support for me and the IPs as well and that was so unexpected.”

How was the matching process for you?

"Easy! Was exciting, and nerve racking all at the same time.”

How was your pregnancy?

"Great at first, but I had went into preterm labor and that was shocking and I had to go on modified bed rest and that was hard with my two little ones.”

How did you talk to other people about the process, like your friends and family? Even strangers? 

"Sometimes we wouldn’t even say anything when strangers ask. We would just say how far along I was and move on. Other times we would talk with strangers about it and it was great. My family and friends all found out and had lots of questions. We just answered all of them honestly.”

How did you talk to your kids before, during and after about surrogacy?

“I talked to them before the surrogacy and made sure that they were on board and ok with the whole process. They understood completely. They have a great relationship with the babies and the parents.”

How was the delivery and post-pregnancy?

"Awesome! Everything went great! Labor went smooth. I was able to see the babies and hold them as much as I wanted. I never felt like I gave them up at all.”

What feelings did you have when you saw the IPs hold their babies for the first time?

"It was amazing! Happy tears came! Even when I see them now I’m still very happy for them. All the struggles we had and tears I had through the journey - to see them with their babies made it worth it.”

What’s one thing you wish you would have had in your hospital bag?

"Lip gloss! Makeup! Because you still take lots of pic.”

What are some things your kids and/or partner said when meeting the babies?

"They are so cute! Very happy and in love.”

What is your relationship and contact with the Intended Parents now?

“Great. I receive pictures of the babies all the time. We meet up once a week for milk drop off and always end up taking too much.”

What are the benefits of working with an agency?

"They are so helpful and will answer their phone any time of day. They always got back to me ASAP and were very helpful. They always had very strong words of encouragement too.”

What words of wisdom do you have to share with other/newer gestational carriers?

"Take your time to enjoy it! Always remember…you are doing a great thing, and life will be so much better when those babies are here for your family and theirs.”

If you did if again, why would you do it?

"To help out more families to have children!”

Are you ready to change someone’s life by becoming a gestational carrier?