New Mexico Surrogacy Goals for 2018

Resolutions can be tough to keep (I usually make it about 20 minutes before I break mine) but goals?  Those I love!  New Mexico Surrogacy has goals this year as well,

Recruit loving, giving surrogates

A no-brainer, for sure!  We want to learn what makes each gestational carrier special and unique and find out what she wants from a surrogacy journey.  Everyone has their own reasons to be a gestational surrogate and we want to be certain to make a match just as individual as each surrogate.

Talk to loving, eager Intended Parents

We want to really dig in and find out what is important to each intended parent.  No one’s path to surrogacy is easy.  Everyone has a heartbreaking and beautiful story of what has brought them to us.  The common theme among them all is perseverance and hope.  We want to take that hope and find the perfect match; while this is never a first choice for anyone hoping to grow their family, we want to make it the best version of a second choice possible.  It’s can start as simply as having a free phone consultation with us to let us get to know you a little better.

Make great matches that last and culminate is the birth of a baby

Once we get to know both gestational surrogates and intended parents the fun part can begin.  We strive for the perfect match every time.  The first part of our matching process is to fully screen our gestational carriers to make sure they are qualified before they are ever introduced to any intended parents.  But more than making sure our carriers are fully qualified, we match on personal preferences and personality, too.  This is a life-changing journey and we want it to be meaningful AND fun for everyone!

Be available and present to promote support to surrogates and intended parents

Life changing events happen 24 hours each day, not on a 9 to 5 schedule.  We are always available to assist with whatever you need.  We also keep our match load small so we are never too overloaded or overbusy to make sure your needs are fully met.

Continue being ethical and compassionate

Of utmost importance is holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards possible.  To that end, we are members of SEEDS (Society for Ethical Egg Donation and Surrogacy)  Surrogacy has many detractors and the best way to fight back against those that feel that way is to hold ourselves to the highest standards.  We also want to guide our behaviour with kindness and compassion.  Many on our staff have also struggled with infertility so we have great empathy for where all of our intended parents are coming from.

Hold lots of babies!

This is my favorite goal of all!  I can’t wait to be allowed (hopefully) a quick snuggle with all the beautiful new babies we have helped to create this year! 

Jennifer White